Plumbing & Heating
  1. Drain Fields
  2. Drainage Solutions
  3. Excavating Foundation Footers
  4. Fire Hydrants
  5. French Drain Construction
  6. Gas Line Installation (Underground)


Backhoe Services Commercial and Residential

At PIPES-R-US, my primary goal is to provide the highest level of service to my clients while reducing demolition debris. Saving the homeowner, the expensive of landscaping after a Sewer Line or Waterline installation/repair.

  1. Storm Sewer and Downspout Installation
  2. Sump Pump Line Installation (Outside)
  3. TV Camera Pipeline Inspections
  4. Water Line Installation in New Home Construction
  5. Water Line Repaired or Replaced
  6. Well Water Converted to Public Water Service
  1. Light Grading
  2. Septic Tanks
  3. Sewer Installation in New Home Construction
  4. Sewer Line Repair
  5. Sewer Line Replaced
  6. Septic System Converted to Sanitary Sewer System

Backhoe Services 

If You Can’t Dig it, I Can...Call Me for All Your Backhoe needs (443) 616-5857.

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