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Reasons for a Video Pipe Inspection

  1. Inspect the condition of older pipes and sewer systems
  2. Locate pipes underground or behind walls
  1. Determine the integrity of the pipes
  2. Identify the exact location of an obstruction
  1. Pinpoint problem areas before a damage or clog occurs
  2. Validate the obstruction has been eliminated after completion of service

Video Pipe Camera Inspection

At PIPES-R-US, I use the most up to date camera technology to inspect residential and commercial sewer lines and drain lines.

Video pipeline inspections make the whole repair process much faster, affordable, and less disruptive.

A video pipe inspection provides customers with the capability to see the cause of the clog or damaged line.  This is one of the best methods to precisely identify the exact location of obstructions, breaks, stoppages or deteriorated pipes. 

This type of service avoids tearing out walls, digging up entire section of landscaping in order to find the cause of the sewer line leak, or to locate a blockage. Video pipeline inspections for plumbing systems make the entire repair process much quicker, cheaper, and less disruptive.

The camera system is designed with a long flexible fiber optic cable with a camera and built-in lights attached.  The camera is inserted through existing cleanouts, roof vents, or toilet drains to observe and analyze the condition of a sub-slab drain system.  The cable is then guided through the pipe and transmits a live video feed to a television monitor allowing the plumber to diagnose the exact location of the problem fast and accurately.